Saturday, 21 August 2010

Black Panther project entry 2

After reading and researching i sorted out how to make a character iconic or at least stand out.
1. symbol- batman's bat sign, superman krypton s sign
2. face,mask- batman's pointy eared mask, superman's s-curl hair and strong jaw, spiderman's wide eyed mask, wolverine hair
3. colours- batman's primary black, superman red blue and yellow, spierman's red and blue, wolverine's yellow and blue
4. Silhouette-spiderman's oversized head and slender physique, superman's massive chest and flowing red cape.
5. Powers, Weapons, Abilities- wolverine's claws, bullet-proof superman, the batmobile, spiderman's web
6. costume- everyone

I read a massive amount of black panther comics and liked a few of his depictions.
the first was by Lashley. I especially like his variations of black panthers from throughout history, also his his character sketches of the new female black panther are so cool.

Kyle Hotz is awesome with his depiction. I especially like the lines from the inner corner of the panther's eye across the side of his face, it kinda reminded me of tribal marks, the serious look and the grimace lines on the brow and chin just took it for me

With Jefte Palo, I loved the cat-like look he gave to the panther. He also places the panther ears way back (and it points backwards not up) which influenced my version. The masks of the panther's subordinates also gave me more ideas. These three did it for me and their work had everything to do with mine.

all art and characters for mavel comics, copyright (c)

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