Wednesday, 11 August 2010

1st Project- Redesign BLACK PANTHER

I've taken a gap year from University and apart from working, I want to start a few self-initiated projects of my own, so this is the first.
Black Panther is Marvel Comic's fully African super hero and after watching the animated comic I wanted to see what i could bring to the character.
These are some pictures below:

I've never been too happy with the black panther costume, Black Panther is supposed to be a king of a african nation never dominated by outside powers, but most of the early costumes were very western. They also seemed too similar to Batman's own costume, like those above
Some of the ones that followed were better. By adding gold, fur, jewelry, decorative thigh bands it gave the idea of africa but but most of these motives felt slapped on and cliche or in some cases didn't fit the whole look of the black panther.
So for my project i'll be doing my research by reading up on black panther and african cultures.
We'll see what i come up with.
You can also read up on

all pics are for marvel comics and respective owners

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