Thursday, 30 April 2009

The 1st 1s

These were the very first trainers i designed, the top one was with markers and for my bruv, the second one was with acrylic, my first try at using paint on sneakers.

Ice,Ice Baby!

Another thing i did a few months back, the customer wanted it 'cold & blingy' so i did this. They were quite cool to do though.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

On Da Urban Scene1

i graff caps and trainers on the side, it's quite good fun, i get all ma supplies from solefull, a shoe shop round the corner.

Women & Children First

Something i thought girls & lil kids would find nice. done with illustator and photoshop 

We 'DRAW' heads!!!

Some portraits i did back  in 2005, thought they were still good enough to post. It's Lloyd Banks & Hulk Hogan by the way.


We had 2 do some screen printing in uni, so i used the pix from the first post, for me the one with the yellow background is slick it kinda worked with 3D glasses too

the guy with the monster hand

 A piece i came up with after drawing different versions for a while, u can check dat out on my Gallery on deviantart. then added sm colour in photoshop so here it is