Monday, 27 September 2010

Black Panther project entry 4 COLOUR TRIALS

I was finally able to put some colour onto the sketches and i think they look quite good.
I basically redesigned his headpiece, added a few adornments like the gold neck rings and ankle bracelets and loincloth. i might darken up the grey undergarment to give it a stronger association to an actual panther.

The sleeveless costume was inspired by The Ultimate Avengers 2 animated movie. Even though I feel its a bit impractical for battle, it looks cool. I could also come up with some reason which could make the sleeveless legitimate, like turning them into skin-tight transparent sleeves to trick the enemy to believe the black panther is vulnerable...... or it could just be a non/light-combat alternative.

With the sleeved costume it reminded me on a ninja's attire. I kept the grey lined sleeves and legs as a tribute to the original costume but it also links back to ancient Benin's body markings.

I really like the helmet/mask. It has a different feel about it when compared to other comic book masks. The Black Panther never needed to hide his face so i designed it with that in mind but I still cannot decide on the ears. I am getting attached to the up-pointing ears because it's Egyptian-ish which works because the panther god of Wakada is the cat god of Ancient Egypt. The ancient Benin neck-ring I turned into a retractable face-guard when raised tends to remind me of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat but it might just be the angle of the drawing and colour choice, I'll tweak it and see how it turns out.

This last drawing is the basic template armour suite for the Black Panther. It is usually used for tougher battles and because he still needs his agility and ablility to manoeuvre I kept it pretty simple.


  1. That is amazing. You need to get hired for the film

  2. your research and unique designs are extraordinary. i am a huge fan of The Black Panther and i believe your designs are second to none. Great job! I would love to see more.